About Küche.

The Küche Collection is a new premium line of smart gas appliances. Inspired by German quality and function, it is made for modern families. Sleek design meets cutting-edge technology to offer you a new and elevated kitchen experience where you are always in charge. Using IoT technology, these appliances work seamlessly together and can be controlled through the iAppliances smartphone app.

Exclusively distributed by City Energy, the Küche Collection is powered by piped town gas. As Singapore’s sole trusted provider of piped town gas for generations, City Energy aims to provide innovative lower-carbon solutions that meet the needs of our growing city and changing planet, now and into the future, while enabling smarter living through integrated technology, excellent value and great service.

With the Küche Collection, your home and lifestyle become simpler, smarter and safer.

Learn more about how Küche is different:

App controlled

The Küche Collection makes every home smarter. With the iAppliances app, you can control each appliance remotely.

Smart Interlocking

Smart interlocking features make life easier in an instant. The Smart Gas Hob can be seamlessly connected with the Smart Hood and controlled together through the iAppliances app.

Greater Convenience

Store your favourite recipes and save the shower temperature that is right for you. With customisable settings, you can control every aspect easily.

Greater Assurance

The state-of-the-art technology includes a slew of safety features for greater peace of mind. With push notifications sent to your smartphone, you always know what is happening in the kitchen.

Data Analytics

Keep track of your gas consumption with continuous updates to your smartphone.

More Eco-Friendly

The Küche Collection is powered by piped gas, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Every time you use these appliances, it is not only good for you and your family, but also for future generations.

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